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Picture Gallery

ch Ismail gujjar ch Tariq Anees and ch Ali Mohammad Sabir
ch Shamim Ahmad charr ch Mohammad Ashraf ch Iqbal Rattala and ch Ismail Gujjar
ch Illahi Bux ch Akbar Ali ch Miraj ud din ch Azam Gorsi and group
ch Ismail Gujjar ch Iqbal gujjar ch Tariq Anis Brig. Javiad Iqbal Tahir kataria and ch Azam gorsi
gujjar student Aysha Batool daughter of ch Mushataq Hussain bargat (retired) sp got award from prime minister of pakista
Gujjar student Sabeen Ijaz ch declared student of the year among 6500 students of different nations in America
anjuman-e-gujjaran karcachi s public meeting
ch Masood ch Aslam pervaiz and gorsi sahib at the marriage party
ch Akbar Ali and others attending marriage of ch Aslam pervaiz s son
ch Aslam pervaiz ch jaffar Iqbal and others in marriage party
ch shamim Ahmad charr ch Mohammad saleem and ch Nasir
ch nasir ch shamim Ahmad charr ch Amir akrm and ch Azam gorsi
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